Workout sneakers are one of those things we often forget about. We’ll wear the same sneakers to workout every day, for who knows how many years before thinking, “wait, when am I supposed to change these things?”

The truth is, we probably should be keeping better track of how worn in our workout sneakers are. If you’re a runner, your sneakers will likely wear out much quicker than someone who doesn’t do much cardio. But regardless- it’s important to switch out your worn-out workout sneakers.

What to Looks For When Replacing Workout Sneakers

One of the first things we look at when we buy new workout sneakers is support. Support is super important when it comes to exercise as it helps you not strain your feet. If the support of your shoe wears out over time, you’re going to be more prone to injury, and no one wants that. You also need to pay attention to the inside of your shoes and if the cushioning is getting worn out.

It might not be visible, but you probably will be able to feel it. When we first buy workout sneakers, they fit comfortably and feel light on our feet. However, with time, that level of comfort will start to deteriorate. That’s when you need to access whether or not it might be time to get a new pair of shoes. If your shoes feel looser and aren’t as comfortable as they once were, it’s probably time to buy a new pair.

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Another thing we look for when we buy new workout sneakers is the grip on the bottom of the shoe. You want shoes with a good grip because you don’t want your feet sliding all over the place when you’re working out. No matter your type of workout, it’s essential to have a good grip. And if you can’t feel that the grip is deteriorating, it’s usually pretty visible on the bottom of your shoe. Despite the physical appearance of your shoes, you can also look at how your feet feel. If your feet ache or are in pain after a workout, that’s probably a sign you need to toss those out. Your feet should feel comfortable after a workout, not in pain.

Some people say you should replace your workout sneakers every six months, but it honestly depends on the person. If you’re working out very frequently and put a lot of pressure on your feet, you’ll probably need to replace your sneakers more than someone who lightly works out a few days a week. Regardless, pay attention to how your feet feel and shoes look and go off of that.