What is yoga? Well, few can deny yoga’s transformative effects—one possible reason the practice has traveled to every corner of the globe in its thousands of years in existence. Each yoga pose not only stretches and strengthens your muscles, but helps train your chattering mind to slow down, stop and focus for a precious few minutes (a feat in this cyber age of never-ending status updates).Physically, the emphasis on deep belly breaths taken in each position and sequence of stances can literally recharge your body by opening your blood vessels and bringing in more oxygen from your head to your toes. Translation? Improved function of nearly every important organ in your body.“Yoga is increasingly being embraced by medical communities,” says Judi Bar, the lead yoga therapist at the Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle 180 Program. “Studies show its benefits on everything from stress management, heart disease, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma and cancer treatments.” Read on to find the right variation for you.