Sleep is one of the most crucial functions when it comes to the human body. Besides food, it’s one of the ways the body gets to recharge itself in preparation for another day. Lack of sleep may leave you disoriented and unable to carry on daily activities with precision and the diligence they would otherwise have. Knowing that sleep is essential, and some of us have a harder time with it than others, we are sharing some easy and natural ways you can help a bout of insomnia.

  1. Music – gentle slow music has been found very useful in sleep therapy. Research shows that songs, especially slow ones, can improve the quality of sleep or induce sleep where you have difficulties sleeping.
  2. Massage – research has found that massages can prove useful where ridding oneself of insomnia is concerned. Whether it is done professionally, by a friend or by yourself, massages can help reduce pain, feelings of depression, and anxiety.
  3. Exercise – exercise is fantastic for the body’s overall health. It helps promote healthy weight and helps your body improve metabolism. Research has also shown that adequate exercise can help promote better sleep quality while getting your body fit in the same breath. It is, however, advised that to reap the benefits exercises have to offer, you will need an average of 20 minutes per day exercising.
  4. Food – contrary to opinions that food has no impact on your ability to sleep, what you eat can absolutely affect your ability to relax and, in fact, the quality of sleep you get. To help keep insomnia at bay, you will need to: limit alcohol intake, caffeine, and nicotine – the latter often has an impact on the quality of sleep you get if you get any sleep at all. The use of nicotine and caffeine is associated with restlessness and insomnia.
  5. Cut down heavy foods when you are heading to bed.
  6. Eat foods rich in magnesium.
  7. Eat dinner early enough so the digestion process can kick off before you hit the bed.