Ask any working American and they’ll say that the one thing they desperately want more of is sleep. And with good reason! Sleep deprivation can lead to chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and can even cause immune system problems. Not to mention, skimping on shuteye will leave you feeling — and looking — a little worse for wear. Cue the under-eye bags.

Recently, a group of engineers at a company called Ultradia pooled their brainpower to create a pillow insert called Chrona that works as a “sleep optimization system.” Essentially, it helps you sleep better so you don’t have to sleep longer. (Genius!) As Yahoo Health reports, Ultradia used information and advancements in sleep tracker technology to help them track brainwaves as you sleep and uses acoustics to optimize your sleep quality.

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According to the company’s promo video, the technology emits low frequency sound waves to induce deeper sleep, and high frequency sound waves to prepare the body to wake up. The device turns your pillow into a smart pillow, tracking your sleep patterns and altering its activity to complement yours. It also has a “Smart Alarm” function, which chooses the best time for you to wake up, and does so kindly by just vibrating gently. (You can check out the Chrona Kickstarter page — which easily surpassed its goal of $50,000 — for more information.)

The goal of the Chrona is to let us continue living our busy, overworked lives, but still get enough energy every night to soldier on. Hey, if we can’t make time for sleep, we might as well make sure we get the most out of the few hours we are clocking.

Would you ever try a “smart pillow”? Let us know in the comments!

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