After announcing in Februrary that it would take cigarettes and other tobacco products off the shelves by October, CVS today announced that it’s gone officially smoke-free.”When we first shared our decision to remove cigarettes and tobacco from the shelves of our 7,700 CVS/pharmacy locations, some called it a bold decision. We called it the right decision then, and we call it the right decision now,” the company said in a statement. A bold decision, sure, given that CVS makes $2 billion a year off tobacco sales, but not an inexplicable one. Drugstores are primarily health businesses (CVS also announced today that it’s changing its name to CVS Health), and nothing is quite as antithetical to health as smoking. Or as antithetical to beauty, for that matter, and we all know that the makeup and cosmetics aisle is the beating heart of a decent drugstore.

Smoking compromises blood flow, resulting in a yellow or grayish skintone—not your best look.

Our complexion is a telltale sign of smoking’s aging effects, whether it shows now or 10 years down the line. Healthy blood flow sends much-needed nutrients throughout your body and nitric oxide gives your face its healthy glow. Smoking compromises this blood flow as well as the nitric oxide release, resulting in a yellow or grayish skintone—not your best look.We here are YouBeauty are thrilled to see a major player in the health and beauty space taking the lead to stop selling cigarettes. Here’s to better health and better skin.