So, do you have what it takes? Some say try this diet, or that exercise fad and in just a ____ (you fill it in) amount of time, say hi to the new you.Is that how change really works? I don’t think so.Most of us don’t change. Maybe we can’t. Maybe we don’t want to. Good news: you don’t have to.Everyday wellness is not about changing yourself, it’s about improving what you’ve already got going on. If you’re going to a holiday party this week, instead of bringing baked brie, think about hummus and pita instead. Can’t go outside for your run because of the snow this week? Try running up and down the steps of your apartment or office building, or in circles through your house.COLUMN: Five Tips to Make That ChangeEveryday wellness is just that…something you can do every day. Not for a week, or a month. Every day.Thinking that you have to completely change is difficult to sustain. Perhaps it works for a bit, but the risk is that when you don’t succeed, you’ll not only go back to your old ways, but go back with a vengeance. (Picture it: You’re on a diet, see a plate of cookies, take one…and then come back for several more.)It often takes a tragedy for someone to really change. A smoker diagnosed with lung cancer is a classic example. Fortunately, though, most of us aren’t faced with tragedy frequently. Rather, we are faced with the challenges of daily life: kids, jobs, parents, the laundry. And all of these can get in the way of our wellbeing, every day. When we feel overwhelmed and tired, it is often easiest to fall back on the path of least resistance. Maybe that means take-out instead of cooking dinner. Maybe it means watching a show instead of exercising.QUIZ: Are You Making Healthy Choices?You do have what it takes to change, though. Not radical, do-the-opposite change, but rather change that allows you to embrace the best of yourself. I challenge you over the holidays these next few weeks to embrace the wellness in yourself.Consciously think about what you’re choosing to bring to a holiday get-together. Consciously think about how you’re going to stay active. Consciously think about breathing when you’re standing in line purchasing that last minute gift.When all else fails, find the prettiest wrapping paper you can, make the most beautiful gift you can, and smile. (You’ll feel great!)MORE: The Beauty Benefits of Smiling