Four Pre-Vacation Rituals For A Sexy Getaway

Pouring over your checklist months before vacation? Packing isn’t the only prep! Beautify before your trip. Get smooth, manicured and a healthy glow. Plus, see products that’ll guarantee you to have a gorgeous getaway, sans sunburn or weird allergic reactions!

1Gel Manicure

If you have yet to try a gel manicure, before you head out for your vacay is the best time to see what all the fuss is about. Worrying about your nails should be the last thing on your mind while you’re out having a carefree time. Hit a salon that offers gel manicures — most have hopped on the bandwagon by now — and, if it suits you, gel pedicures. Not only will you get the perfect, chip-free manicure, you’ll also get some pre-vacation pampering in to get your mind into relaxation mode.

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2Spray Tan

While one of the biggest reasons people go on vacation is to soak up some sun in a place that isn’t the car or your office window, sun damage can last way past your getaway. Ward off sun spots and wrinkles down the road by opting for an artfully-done spray tan. You can even get one that enhances your muscles in order to give you a more sculpted appearance in your bikini.

Be sure your glow comes from a reputable location to avoid orange accidents. If you’re on a limited budget, ask some trusted pals with skin tones similar to your own for recs on which products are best for home use.

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3Hair Removal

Depending on your personal preferences, hair removal while out of town can be a huge time consumer. Surely you don’t want to waste your well-earned days off stopping at an unfamiliar salon to get your waxing done or staying in the shower longer than needed to shave. If you fancy having hair-free legs and a smooth bikini line, go for a more long-lasting option such as waxing or cream hair removal a day or two prior to departing, so you can get any redness out of the way. You’ll love both the smooth silkiness and the lack of another daily beauty ritual while on vacation.

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4Pre-Screen Beauty Products

An allergic reaction can damper your vacation bliss big-time, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you’re planning on trying any new products such as sunscreens, creams, hair products, even lipstick, while on vacation, be sure to try them on at least 24 hours before leaving. The inside of your elbow is an inconspicuous part of the body that’s also quite sensitive and will indicate any adverse allergic reaction you might have. If there’s any tingling, redness, itching or swelling, don’t use the product again and find a substitute you’re sure won’t bother your body.

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