Think you can’t go email-free for 48 hours? If this obsessed techie can curtail her e-life—then so can you.Hi, My name is Anne, and I’m a Nomophobiac. Or at least that’s my self-diagnosis. According to a recent study from the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone.Just to be clear, there are two things that I must have with me at all times: my lipstick and cellphone. (I can thank my mother for the former habit.) My right hand feels paralyzed (figuratively) without the sweet embrace of my iPhone. It’s my alarm clock and the first thing I reach for each morning; to check my email, natch.A water-proof cover that would allow me to shower with the darn thing would be great; tell me if you know of one. But it’s never far from my hand. I check Facebook while curling one eyelash; Instagram during the other. Sad, but true.Are my priorities skewed? Yes. Is my addiction embarrassing? Absolutely. So to go cold turkey on my iAddiction, I decided to give up a little each day, with the intention of making a clean break by week’s end. Here are the gory details.MORE: Envy Me: How the Internet Makes You JealousDay 1 Today I’m giving up blogs.As someone who’s occupation relies on keeping current on news and gossip—which I get from the blog apps on my iPhone—this was a major first step. To those ends, I pull up my big girl panties and breeze by the public library to pick up a few books that have been on my must-read list for oh, an entire year or so.Day 2. Today I’m ignoring Instagram.This is my newest addiction so I’ve got it bad. This app for photos indulges my inner voyeur and lets me shoot images and see other’s snaps. I took it back to the old school and dug out my real camera that I received for a birthday present. Maybe I’ll even swing by a one-hour photo! Do they still exist?Day 3. Today I’m saying toodles to Twitter.Ouch! This one is rough. It’s the inaugural week of the Olympics and normally I’d be following every #hashtag and Speedo-clad tweet with fervor. At first, I feel a bit left out of this digital 140-character society (especially when news broke), but after the first few hours of my self-imposed ban, it was strangely gratifying.Day 4. Today I’m saying ta-ta to texting.This one has me hot and bothered. How did people communicate before text? Do I actually have to talk on the phone to someone other than my mother? Surprisingly this lead to a few heartfelt conversations with colleagues. On another note: People don’t seem to pick up the phone anymore. I’m now a professional voicemail-leaver. QUIZ: How Close is Too Close?Day 5. Today I’m forgoing Facebook.I’m unashamed of my addiction to Facebook stalking. I’m dying to peek at the Facebook app on my phone. How does one endure an entire weekend that’s devoid of what-I-ate-for-dinner updates and pics of parties I wasn’t invited to. The inhumanity of it all. My weakest moment comes when I received an email telling me I’d been tagged in three different photos. But I pulled through.Day 6 & 7, the weekend. Today I’m easing away from email.Okay, I cheated on this one. But only once, and it was to peek at an important work email. Then I tucked my phone safely between the sofa cushions and went on a rafting trip with friends. Despite my cheating ways, it was incredibly liberating. Baby steps!Will I ever do this again? Most definitely. I’m not sure that I’d quit cold turkey, but this step-by-step program certainly helped to curb my addiction. In fact, I’ve replaced my morning Facebook/Instagram routine with a cup of coffee. How normal!MORE: How Your Online Image Affects Your Love Life