Think of yourself when you wake up in a fabulous mood. You put on an outfit you love, try a creative new hairstyle, then walk to work with a smile and a bounce in your step. Totally different than those frumpy days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, right?A great mood makes you feel gorgeous, and is proven to make you look more beautiful too.When we’re flooded with positive emotions, we naturally see the world in a better light. “Your mood influences what you remember and how you interpret everything around you,” says YouBeauty Psychology Advisor, Art Markman, Ph.D. You’ll remember a rosier past and pick out the positive details in the present. Even looking in the mirror can be a better experience—you’ll be more likely to focus on features you love instead of the “imperfections” that nag you when you’re down in the dumps.QUIZ: What’s Your Mood Today?When you see the best in yourself, that confidence shines in your conversations with others. “When you’re feeling happy or serene, you are much more open to interacting with other people,” says Markman. “That’s generally speaking a more attractive mode to be in.” Not only that, a genuine smile is a lot lovelier than a forced smile or a frown.Embrace Your Bad MoodsWe’d love to be happy-go-lucky all the time, but bad moods are natural—and inevitable.When the clouds roll in, there’s no need to beat yourself up about it. Regular ups and downs are part of your mind’s natural process—and can be a great opportunity for growth. “All of our emotional states, all of our mood states, have to play a role that is beneficial to us or they would never have survived evolution,” says Markman. “If you wake up one day feeling stressed or sad, ask yourself, ‘Is this [feeling] trying to tell me something?’”Some mental health professionals believe that’s exactly what a mood depression is meant to do: Tell you something. During a depression, you tend to slow down, withdraw and ruminate, giving you time and space to identify a problem in your life. Getting back on track requires that you start thinking and behaving in new ways, challenging you to grow and change.People who are truly happy imagine the life they want and go for it. They focus on what they do want, rather than what they don’t want. “When you’re trying to achieve something positive in the world, that’s when you’re going to experience happiness,” says Markman. Whenever you open yourself up to happiness, sadness is always a possibility. But Markman points out that you have to face the odds head on—trying to avoid pain eliminates your chances for joy. “The best you can do is just be relieved that you’ve dodged a bullet.”MORE: Understand Your EmotionsBust a Bad MoodYour moods are tied to everything from hormones and PMS to the food you ate for breakfast or a fight with a friend. If you find yourself snapping at your co-workers or eating a box of cookies while you cry over Hallmark commercials, look at the root causes to figure out the best fix.QUIZ: Does Your Mood Affect Your Eating?We rarely take the time to pinpoint exactly what we’re feeling and why, especially when we feel down. But sorting through the mess is step one toward a better day tomorrow.Our Mood Quiz helps you sort out what you’re feeling right now, with personalized tips for improving a bad mood or making the most of a good mood so your beauty and confidence can shine.Start today: Try these quick mood-boosters to help you out of a funk.

  1. Hit the gym. Exercise increases endorphins and naturally boosts your mood. Cardio is your best bet, so try running, speed walking or biking.
  2. Snack between meals. Letting your blood sugar drop between meals can cause moodiness and carb cravings, so keep nuts and fruits on hand as healthy snacks.
  3. Laugh with a friend. Laughter can increase endorphins and reduce stress, while spending time with a friend can strengthen your emotional reserves.