Pull the TriggerIf your migraines might be caused by estrogen fluctuations, talk to your doctor about stabilizing medications with a lot of estrogen. Some birth control pills cycle only four times a year, or even once a year.Take These Pills, When You NeedIf you have to reach for the pill bottle, that’s OK. You can choose from over the counter (OTC) aspirin, ibuprofen and medicines marketed for migraines (like acetaminophen). And yes, caffeine can be a trigger and a treatment.If OTCs don’t work, your doc may opt for a prescription-strength version of these drugs. Doctors may also recommend triptans, like sumatriptan or rizatriptan (an older version of drugs called ergots are cheaper. They’re not considered as effective and have more major side effects).Wean Off the MedsIf you stay on pills for too long, you can get rebound headaches when you withdraw. Try limiting pain medicine to less than three days in a row and 10 pills total. Try a three-day detox without medicine to reset your system. Exercise can help—the natural endorphins can counter the pain.Get the SpecialistsIf your headache pain is affecting your life, you need to visit a headache specialist. They’ll have the most current insights and treatments available. Fewer than five headaches a year is average. If you’re continually having them, you need to see someone. If you’ve had an excruciating headache (the worst of your life) you may need a CT scan.QUIZ: How Stressed Are You?Strengthen Your NeckIf your upper back muscles are sore, it may be the weakness of the trapezius muscle. The first order of business is taking analgesics so you can exercise and get symptomatic relief. Strengthening that area takes five minutes, three times a week, for ten weeks. This can reduce pain by more than 80 percent.Rare headaches arise from referred pain from arthritis of the small joints between the vertebrae of the neck called facet joints. Analgesics, exercise and sometimes nerve blocks are required to eliminate this kind of headache. Exercise helps in general, as it reduces stress and increases endorphins. Meditation, stretching and yoga help reduce this tension.WATCH VIDEO: Migraine Headaches