Wine is a drink like no other; it is unique in its own right. That said, a little study on wine translates to a lot of confidence and skill in the world of wine. This skill will undoubtedly come in handy when ordering the drink in a restaurant. To order wine like a professional, you will need to implement the following suggestions.

Research in Advance
Advance research is necessary if you want to look like a professional to other people in the room. In this information age, many restaurants have their menus and wine lists online. You will need to go through these lists and menus, to determine the best pairing ahead of time. If you can’t locate any matches online, try to figure out any possible cuisine pairings. What is the restaurant well-known for; shellfish and oysters? White wines can be great. Are you on a curry night? An off-dry white like Riesling could be a good pairing. As you can see, you will not waste time hesitating at the table, when you plan ahead.

Know How to Talk to the Sommelier
A sommelier is your helper, and seeking advice does not make you stupid. After all, this is what many starters want to do, but they don’t dare to ask. Now, [here] is the trick; engage the sommelier in a conversation, and give them as much information as possible, helping you even be more comfortable. For your information, every sommelier has a list of wines they offer, and there is a reason for this. Letting them tell you why they offer those wines, helps you make informed decisions that suit your budget, meal, and even taste. Be sure to tell them your likes and dislikes, and discuss which wine best suits the above factors. Have a limited budget? Just challenge the sommelier to get you the most exciting type of wine for your change.

Consider the Menu
While a foodie may choose a menu before picking the wine, a wine guru may, in fact, do the exact opposite. However, it doesn’t matter which one comes first. The most important thing is to ensure that the two match. Your wine-food pairing can be complemented with texture and flavor. A balance of acidity or sweetness can also offer a perfect match.

Avoid Panicking
You enter a restaurant and grab a 10-page wine list. A waiter comes asking for your wine order, even before you’re half-way through the list. Do you panic? No. There is no point in rushing with your choice, as this may result in you making the wrong decisions. If you’re thirsty, consider ordering a glass of Champagne to begin with. By the time you finish sipping the bubbles, you will have settled on a perfect pairing.