Let’s talk about vaginas. Of all the physical attributes that make you female, the vagina is arguably the most central to womanness. And yet, it’s also the most concealed, the most mysterious, the most shamed.We play up our femininity with makeup, show off our cleavage, let others feel the vital kicking within our wombs. But the vagina? No, ma’am, that’s private. (And hard to get a look at, even if you want to.) We hide it from the world, and what’s more, we hide it from ourselves. In a poll of YouBeauty readers, more than one-third said they never look at their vaginas. That made us wonder:Could you pick your vagina out of a lineup?We didn’t think so.So we’ve declared that April is Vagina Month. We want to help you get to know yourself, inside and out. Ladies, hold those hand mirrors high…we mean low!There isn’t—and should never be—any reason to be ashamed to look at or touch or talk about your vagina. But stigma makes women shy to discuss it in public, or even with their doctors. In fact, 24 percent of our readers report that they’re too embarrassed to ask questions at the gynecologist. Not OK!Being familiar and comfortable with your vagina: That’s what YouBeauty’s Vagina Month is all about. Let’s lift the veil of modesty and get into it. Deep, deep into it. What does it look like? What do other people’s look like? Does it smell? Do you wax? What’s coming out of it?We’ll address all of these questions and more in articles, columns and diagrams. Yup, diagrams. Think of this as the Owner’s Manual to Your Vagina. Click here to see what we’ve got, and check back for new stories throughout the month of April.