Today in “stories we wish we hadn’t seen”: UK pop star Katie Melua found a spider living inside her ear.

The spider was chilling out inside a pair of old headphones that she used on a flight, according to the Huffington PostThe eight-legged creature spent a full week hanging out in the four-time platinum star’s ear canal, until a strange “rustling” sound prompted her to go to the doctor. Most amazingly was how Melua remained so calm about the ordeal:  “It was “no hassle at all,” she told fans on Instagram.

I immediately remembered the “This American Life” story about a roach who crawled into a woman’s ear while she slept. Does everyone have their own stories about bugs in places they shouldn’t be? Share them with us in the comments… actually, don’t. Share them with Melua, who seems to have a high tolerance for these things.