Labor Games

Think back on your life. Did your parents mess you up somehow? Mmmm … probably. Here’s a win, though: you weren’t born on the TLC reality game show “Labor Games,” a new “pop up” game show that occurs entirely in the delivery room where a mother answers questions while she is in labor. How’s that for high pressure and dramatic tension?

The new show is part of TLC’s new slate of Mother’s Day-themed programming called “The Mother of All Weeks,” reports. Host Lisa Arch will “surprise” couples in the delivery room with a chance to win prizes for their baby. According to a casting call for the show out of Pomona, California, winners will “receive great prizes such as a year supply of diapers [and] cleaning services. Win it all and you will take home a chunk of money [to] put towards a college fund!” Well, I guess it does give the mom something to do while her cervix dilates.

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The parents-to-be will also be “upgraded to the larger labor room at no cost to you!” Of course, keep in mind that the larger room is equipped with two camera guys, a sound guy, a producer, a host, and a neon game board. Welcome to the world, little one!

Nancy Daniels, the general manager of TLC, told Variety, “I think the biggest issue for ‘Labor Games’ is going to be tone. The show needs to feel fun and kind of absurd but at the same time totally respectful of this couple, if they want us there. We’re having fun with a huge moment in their lives.” 

In other news, call your mom. 

Here’s a teaser, via Variety

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