Sometimes, the microwave can solve all of our issues. Have a super busy day with no time to cook? Microwave leftovers. Trying to impress your friends with a homemade dinner, but forgot and now don’t have time to bake potatoes? Easy- microwaving it cuts the time down in half. Using the microwave to cook isn’t just for college students, if you’re short on time, a microwave comes in handy. Here are some microwaving hacks that every person should know:

If your ice cream is too hard to eat (and you’re too impatient to wait for it to soften by itself), microwave it! Put the container in the microwave with the lid off for about 15 seconds and bam- soft ice cream.

Making a poached egg can be a scary task, and often comes with disappointing results, but with a microwave, it doesn’t have to be. You can poach, scramble, or even make an omelet all with your microwave.

If your having a barbecue and don’t have time to cook corn on the cob, put it in the microwave and it’ll do the trick. You don’t even have to shuck them!

Put on your baking hat and try out one of those mug-cake recipes you see online because they work (and taste pretty delicious). All you need to do is stir the ingredients in a mug and microwave for a minute and voila! A perfect single-serving mug cake.

Steaming your veggies can be done easily and quickly with a microwave. Just put your cut up veggies in a bowl, add some water, cover, and microwave. Way quicker than waiting for a pot to boil.

Baking potatoes is so much quicker if it’s done in the microwave. Baking a potato in the oven takes time- you have to preheat, cook (which can take up to 40 minutes!), and wait for it to cool down. But with a microwave, your potato is done in about five minutes.

Bet you didn’t know you could make a whole meal- appetizer, dinner, and dessert- all in your microwave. Try out one of these hacks for yourself!