Finding a gift for your boyfriend is not an easy task. You can find the perfect gift for your girlfriends in no time, but when it comes to your boyfriend, your brain draws a blank. What do boys like, anyway? If you can’t decide what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, holiday, anniversary, whatever it is, here are a few ideas we have in mind:

Sports Tickets
Any boy who loves sports is bound to love this gift.

Simple, but useful no matter what. If your boyfriend is into fashion, make sure it’s a brand or style you know he’d like!

It’s no secret that a lot of boys love shoes, so why not surprise him with a brand new pair?

Finally, get him those AirPods he’s been complaining all year about not having.

A New Video Game
Because who doesn’t want to be surprised with the new release of that game he’s always talking about?

A Watch
An excellent gift for any guy, especially if he’s starting a new job or just trying to look more put together.

Getting someone the right book can be personal and meaningful, so if you know your boyfriend likes to read, this is a great choice.

Shaving Kit
Most boys would never invest in this themselves but would find it useful if they had it, making a beautiful shaving kit the perfect gift.

Skincare Products
It’s rare to find a boy who knows about skincare, so educate your boyfriend and get him a great gift by buying him a few skincare products of his own!

Make Something Yourself
Nothing is more heartfelt than a homemade gift, so break out that creativity and open up your crafting box and get busy!