Colon Cleanse Not So DetoxifyingA review of 20 studies showed that colon cleanses don’t have detoxifying benefits, and may lead to complications. Colon hydrotherapy (filling the colon with fluid) can lead to infections. Even gentler methods like supplements and laxatives resulted in such problems as nausea and electrolyte imbalance. – Via Time HealthlandMore for you: How Much Water Do You Really Need? Crying Isn’t a Cathartic Mood-BoosterTracking crying episodes of 97 women, researchers found that the majority of women didn’t have a mood change after crying. Only 31 percent reported feeling better after a sob (compared to 61 percent with no mood change, and 9 percent feeling worse). – Via MSNBCMore for you: Stop Negative Thoughts with Happiness Expert, Matthew D. Della PortaObesity Counseling Should Shift FocusNew research suggests a scientific framework to approach obesity counseling. Rather than focus on personal choices and lack of willpower, the neurobehavioral model considers that personal choice is impacted by our environment and genetic vulnerabilities. – Via EurekAlertMore for you: Obesity Spreads in Social Networks Women and Men Feel Similarly About InfidelityPast research, along with gender stereotypes, say that women are more distressed by men’s emotional infidelities and men are more jealous about physical infidelities. A recent study took into account a more diverse population, and found no gender differences when it comes to how distressing subjects perceived an infidelity situation to be. – Via SpringerLinkMore for you: When Leaving Your Ex, Love Yourself, by Relationship Expert David Sbarra, Ph.D.