This year I am not having any resolutions.I used to have resolutions, but by the end of the year I would realize I accomplished none of them and I would feel bad about it. I noticed a pattern over the years: my resolutions started to become the same and I would never accomplish them. So I started not having any resolutions and I had surprising results: I actually did manage to lose some weight, eat healthier and feel better about myself. By giving ourselves the burden of having to do it all by the end of the year, we are missing the point of living.The problem is that we have resolutions that are seeking for quick solution like losing weight. According to Gary Null in his book Living In The Moment, instead of trying to lose weight, striving to be more healthy and disease-free is a more positive goal.Another problem is that resolutions can be too broad, like being a better person. By thinking this way, we are only being hard on ourselves. Tara Mohr in her book Playing Big advises to stop listening to your inner critic and dig into what is the root of your self-criticism. Instead, replace criticism with a more positive vision of yourself 20 years from now. That way we are able to live a freer version of yourself and actualize our real potential today.A third problem with resolutions is how hard it is to change habits, like quitting smoking. Habits are hard to break. It will stop when it has to stop. I used to smoke cigarettes until I realized how much it was hurting my health and my wallet. So I stopped cold turkey and I never smoked again. Some people might not have the same willpower as me, but my point is that change starts with you. You either want to do it, or you don’t.Start living your life now. Stop seeking an ideal body and an ideal self and stop depending on the things that hurt ourselves and our health. We should just live every moment of our lives, cherish every day and look at the beautiful things around us. Richard Dawkins remind us we are a miracle and the universe is full of beautiful things to see. So what are we waiting for? What else do we want?Related Articles:4 Tips If Your Resolution is to Cook More in 2014New Year’s Resolution: Fighting FOMO