2015 is shaping up quite nicely already. As we finish out this garbage year with best-of lists and roundups, the New York Times took a look around and asked the real question: Who brought the pot cookies?Colorado has issued more than 160 edible marijuana licenses, the Times reports, and fancy cannabis bakery is coming to Washington, where pot is also legal. “Food-forward countries like Denmark” have begun infusing marijuana into the palettes of their chillest gourmands. Denmark! Thanks to these clever chefs, marijuana is on the kale track towards becoming haute cuisine. Well, almost:

“Two problems, however, stand in the way: First, it’s hard to control how high people get when they eat marijuana. And second, it really doesn’t taste that good.”

But will these bare facts stop our mad scientist chefs from getting 5-star diners too high on disgusting, pot-laced bruschetta? Someone call the guy that made the cronut. “The weed is pretty faint, but it’s not an un-delicious weed type flavor,” Michel Nischan, a chef from Connecticut, told the Times. “From my very limited experience with edibles, the flavor is pretty awful,” said Grant Achatz, an expert in experimental cooking, chimed in.It’s all about the ratio, says cookbook author Michael Ruhlman, who plans to release a cannabis cookbook as soon as he figures out that tricky mix of pot-to-food. His recipes will include marijuana-infused black pepper biscuits, butternut squash soup and sausage marinara. May 2015 bless us all with pot-laced black pepper biscuits.

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