But that’s not all: a new study adds further evidence to the claim that high heels are bad for your legs. According to the New York Times, heels can screw with the natural position of your ankle and foot “and thereby produce a chain reaction of effects that travel up the lower limb at least as far as the spine.” In a study in The International Journal of Clinical Practice, researchers used groups of young women who were studying to become airline attendants, to examine the physiological changes that occurred each year that they spent wearing high heels (for airline training). Their findings showed that the women who were new to wearing the heels showed greater muscle strength around their ankles.

Conversely, those who’ve been wearing heels for longer showed dramatic muscle strength loss and hugely worse balance. Those strength imbalances around the joints “are known to increase injury risk in other muscle groups,” said Neil Cronin, one of the researchers conducting the study.

So, even though skinny jeans and a pair of high heels may look sexy, they’re ultimately detrimental to your body. It looks like it’ll be sneakers and sweatpants for me, folks — strictly for health reasons of course!

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