A new Australian study suggests a trick that can help you keep that New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Switch to a breakfast that’s rich in protein, and you won’t snack throughout the rest of the day to satisfy your hunger. Get your daily dose of proteins in the morning with whole foods such as lean meats, eggs and legumes. They’ll curb your appetite longer. Scientists suggest combining between 25 grams and 30 grams of protein with exercise to see weight-loss benefits. “If you find it difficult to control what you eat, a redistribution of protein toward breakfast may be the answer to reducing your waistline without leaving you ravenously hungry and craving unhealthy foods,” said Professor Manny Noakes, co-author of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. The key to losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way could be a higher protein and moderate carbohydrate breakfast routine.

Try these protein-packed recipes for breakfast that keeps you from feeling hungry and energizes you throughout the day.

Cinnamon French Toast with Yogurt

Calories: 266, Protein: 28 grams.

French toast isn’t a weekend splurge with this recipe that packs on 28 grams of protein. Using whole grain bread and low-fat Greek yogurt makes this is a fuel-packed breakfast.


Serves 1

  •  1 whole-grain bread slice(s)
  •  1 egg(s)
  •  1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
  •  3/4 cup plain low-fat Greek yogurt


  1. Soak bread in egg.
  2. Using a cooking spray, cook on non-stick pan for approximately 1 minute each side until lightly brown.

3Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve with yogurt.

Mushroom and Tomato Omelet

Calories: 256, Protein: 36 grams.

This breakfast omelet is loaded with protein as well as fiber and other nutrients for all-day energy. Omelets are one of the easiest ways to add veggies to your diet while increasing your protein intake. Make this omelet your own by trying peppers, onions, or spinach as well as mushrooms and tomatoes.


Serves 1

  •  4 egg white(s)
  •  1 egg(s)
  •  1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese
  •  1/2 cup sliced mushrooms
  •  1/2 tomato(es)


  1. Combine eggs and beat lightly.
  2. Using a cooking spray, cook eggs in non-stick pan.
  3. Add cottage cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes in the center of omelet.
  4. Cook until eggs are set and fold over.

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