Best of YouBeauty 2012: The Most Viral Topics

The best part about doling out beauty, health and relationship advice every day is discovering what truly strikes a chord with our readers. Here, seven stories from the last 12 months that inspired your comments, e-mails, pins, tweets and more.

1Most-Visited: Lady Gaga’s Eating Disorder

When our self-image expert explored the social effects of celebrities publicizing their eating struggles, many of you set our comments section ablaze with your opinions, too. The debate kept you coming back for more: A quick traffic analysis told us this story was the most visited of the year.

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2Most-Emailed: Sagging Breasts

Marilyn Monroe famously slept in a bra, and you wanted to know if you should, too. Our plastic surgery expert’s answer inspired a spike in e-mail shares (maybe it was the bit about cleavage wrinkles?).

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In a stat that made us wonder if our Pinterest followers are spending too much time slouching in front of their computers, these five easy stretches for back and neck pain garnered the most pins and re-pins on our page.

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Our Twitter following found our report on the effects of having sex with your ex hot enough to re-tweet more than 7,000 times over.

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No, we don’t think our Facebook following actually “likes” sun damage, but since there isn’t an “OMG” button on Facebook yet, the sentiment will have to do. This news item on the visual effects of sun damage made everyone’s jaw drop, and sent you running for sunscreen.

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Judging by the number of re-posts our instructional animated gif of the reverse leg lift received, we’re confident our Tumblr fans can start up their own tight-tush society. Good thing we have an entire series to firm up your entire bod from head to toe.

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We tested out the newest crop of curling irons, and our G+ circles made the story spin like The Beachweaver on steroids.

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