Here at BeautySage, we believe that behind every glam morning is a good night’s sleep—and we’ve got the science and products to prove it. Beauty sleep isn’t just an empty phrase we use to justify sleeping in; there are actually proven ties between deep zzz’s and enhanced looks.Your body’s regenerative process is maximized during shut-eye, which is super beneficial to our skin. Melatonin, a hormone with powerful antioxidant properties, increases during sleep. This means your skin fights off free-radical damage (which turns into visible signs of aging) every night—and the better the sleep, the better the reparative process. Fun fact: Blocking out light helps produce more melatonin, so don’t be afraid to reach for an eye mask.Additionally, when you hit R.E.M. sleep, your skin’s temperature reaches its lowest point and your muscles are truly relaxed, which allows for deep recovery from all the drama your skin endured during the day. Another snooze-related fact to ooh and aah over: Our bodies pump out tons of human growth hormones—a crucial ingredient for collagen production—during sleep.Believe it or not, but using the right pillowcase (read: silk instead of cotton) has its beauty benefits, too. Its softer, slicker texture reduces friction, keeping skin from tugging and creasing (and therefore wrinkling) and hair from kinking or knotting up. “Waking up with ready-to-wear hair frees up time and reduces damage caused by daily styling,” says Donna Hinds Gaynor, creator of Branché Beauty Sleep—maker of silk charmeuse pillowcases. “Plus, your natural movements on silk charmeuse smooth the hair’s cuticle layer, adding shine, luster and volume.” In other words, if you want to keep your blowout looking fresh longer, get yourself a silky slip for your pillow.Ready to catch better zzz’s (and therefore more envious looks)? Try these sleep-inducing and –enhancing products, and hit the hay—then rise and shine!


(1) Branche Beauty Sleep Blush Belle De Nuit Eye Masque, $42A plush, full coverage eye mask made from 100 percent premium mulberry silk that helps preserve your skin and promote a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.(2) 21 Drops 18 Sleep, $29A 100% natural essential oil blend that simply sedates, calms your mind, and promotes plenty of relaxation.(3) Kneipp Valerian & Hops Herbal Bath, $20A bath treatment with calming essential oils for a good night’s sleep.(4) Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Perfume, $45A refreshing perfume that enhances relaxation, focus and sound sleeping with an infusion of bio-energetic flowers and gems.(5) Historical Remedies Moon Drops, $7Vanilla lozenges made with natural homeopathic ingredients to help you sleep.