Not only does an organized space make you feel organized with other tasks in life and clears your head, but it’s also just a lot more pleasant to be in a clean and neat environment!

As sweet as having an impeccably organized space sounds, you really have to put effort into it. Luckily, there are simple hacks that help keep your space tidy at all times! You’ll need to commit to using them if you want to keep your home clean.

  1. Use and store. The most common thing that makes a home feel cluttered is the inability to stow everything away after each use. Are you just returning from work? Don’t drop your clothes on the floor. Make sure you drop them in the laundry bag or at least in your closet! Did you just finish cooking in the kitchen? Stow everything in its proper place after each use!
  2. Clean spills immediately. The last thing you want to do is allow liquids to set when they spill on surfaces. Clean up spills immediately with a wet cloth to keep your surfaces clean.
  3. Make your bed. Never leave the house with your bed messy. Besides the fact that it makes you feel like you have accomplished something for the day, it helps give your room an instant facelift, making it feel neater immediately.
  4. Schedule cleaning. While it’s fantastic to clean on the go, you also need to schedule more extensive cleaning from time to time to reach places your daily cleaning doesn’t cover. With a thorough cleaning, you can, of course, make the house cleaner and put things in perfect order.
  5. Do your laundry. As soon as you have a load, throw it in and do it. If your clothes pile up quite fast, you can schedule doing a load of laundry every 2 or 3 days. This way, 3-4 loads don’t pile up for one day when you find you’re out of underwear.

It doesn’t take a lot to maintain a clean home. All you need to is establish some ground rules and maintain a schedule to keep order.