There are many causes of vaginal pain, from immune issues to overuse of antifungal medication.It can be tough to diagnose vulvadynia—a collection of various aliments, which manifest as discomfort or pain around the vaginal opening. This keeps women from enjoying (or even having) sex. It’s different from the pain associated with deep penetration, which is usually caused by fibroids.Kegel exercises may be helpful. These target the muscles you flex when you stop your pee midstream. Avoid excess hygiene like scrubbing and soapy baths.There are medical and surgical options. Another treatment concentrates on increasing blood flow to the area, given that reduced blood supply causes some of the pain.Women suffering from vulvadynia see an average of three doctors before getting a diagnosis. Since there are no skin changes, it’s difficult for gynecologists to pinpoint it.If you have these symptoms, see a pelvic pain specialist. Some women find that applying ice to the area around the vagina reduces the pain and inflammation.QUIZ: Sexual Satisfaction