Katherine Kropas, 23, of Massachusetts was given one hell of a surprise from the stork this week. ABC News reports that she gave birth this past Tuesday to a 10-pound, 2 ounces baby, only one hour after learning she was pregnant.Kropas went to the doctor complaining of back pain early Tuesday afternoon. Puzzled by her condition, doctors performed an ultrasound and were shocked to find a baby that was quickly on its way. This startling discovery was uncovered at 10:15p.m., and exactly 51 minutes later, Kropas’ newborn daughter, Ellie, had arrived. Believing she had simply gained weight, Kropas had no inclination that she was pregnant.Strangely enough, this instance is not unheard of: There are plenty of reasons why pregnancy might never even be a thought in a woman’s mind. Whether it’s irregular periods, age, obesity or a strong faith in birth control, some women go through an entire pregnancy unaware of their condition. And it’s not just women who appear on that show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.” In a study done in Berlin, researchers found that one in 2,455 women didn’t know they had a bun in the oven until they went into labor. To put this in perspective, this stat illustrates that these unknown pregnancies happen three times more often than the occurrence of triplets.The lack of awareness of being pregnant can pose major health risks to the child and mother alike due to the lack of prenatal care, necessary vaccinations, or not avoiding harmful habits like drinking or smoking. Thankfully for Katherine Kropas, Ellie was born healthy to a family excited about her arrival.Related Articles:The 10 Most Glowing Pregnant Ladies of 2014Hospital Worker Busts Expectant Couple Having Sex Before Inducing Labor