Summer is the ideal time to kick off that romance we’ve all been yearning for. Weather is beautiful, energy is high, and love is in the air. Summer is the perfect opportunity to think of some fun date ideas and ask the guy you have had your eye on all year to join. With tanned skin and a positive attitude, it’s a great time to take that leap of faith and start dating. Whether you’re looking for something casual, or something that will carry on to the year, here are some great summer dating tips that will be sure to make your summer hot and steamy.

1Outdoor Dates

The options for outdoor dates in the summertime are endless. Rooftop bars, mini golf, picnic in the park are just a few of the many options for fun and unique outdoor dates during the summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore a new area while getting to know your new beau.

2Save Money

It’s no secret that dating can get expensive. When it’s cold outside, and we’re restricted to indoor dates, bills can wrack up high with movie nights and bougie dinners. However, the summer is a great time, so save some money, while still having those fantastic dates. Between the free events that most cities offer during the summer to the array of happy hours that spring up during the summer, there are tons of ways you can have a nice date without breaking the bank.

3Weekend Trips

If you’re getting a bit more serious with your summer fling, the summer is perfect for getting to know your bae a little bit better with a weekend trip. That can be a trip to the city for the weekend, an adventure to the nearest beach, or a quick flight somewhere nice- but weekend trips during the summer are an excellent opportunity to explore a new area and see what it’s like to spend a weekend with your significant other.

4Don’t Commit Right Away

It’s easy to feel lonely, especially in the summer when you’re surrounded by couples holding hands and exchanging pecks, but don’t settle into a relationship that doesn’t feel right. There’s nothing worse than spending your precious summer with someone and then regretting it right when the weather starts to get cold. Find someone who’s worth your time and values who you are- summer is short, and you want to spend it with the right person.

5Stay Positive

Summer is the one time during the year that just about everyone is at their happiest. It’s challenging to be around people who are always negative, especially during the summertime, so make sure you keep your head up high and stay positive during the warmer months. Whether that’s during a date or even just hanging out with your friends, a positive attitude will lead to a positive life. Staying positive about dating will keep you happy and excited all summer long.

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, in a long-term relationship, or looking for something serious- these five summer dating tips will help you along with all your summer dating adventures.