Long-distance relationships are hard. Thankfully, with the improvement in technology, you can make it easier on yourself by installing some applications that will make you feel closer. There are six apps you need to make the distance disappear.


Couple is a fantastic application that allows you to share conversations and plan future dates. It has a calendar that is the same for both of you so you can be on track of each other’s plans, and your mutual ones. It also has many cute features like thumb kiss, which allows you to touch through the screen.


If you like the thumb kiss feature that the Couple app has, but don’t want to download the whole app just for that, TouchRoom is a perfect solution for you. The app allows you to see where your partner is holding his or her finger, and when your touches overlap, your phone will lightly buzz. This will help you with the distance and make it seem like you are together.


There is something so relaxing and incredible about watching a TV show with your significant other. The distance can make watching shows together a lot harder, but this app can help with that. It allows you to watch your TV shows at the same time, while still being able to see each other.


If you are looking for something simpler, Telegram is an excellent choice for you. It allows you to talk to your partner and exchange media without having to worry about security.


This app allows you to have a unique lock screen customizable by your partner. They can doodle something and leave you cute messages that will appear on your lock screen. This will make it seem like they are next to you even when you can’t talk and will allow you to show your partner you are thinking of them.


This application will allow you to store all the essential dates in one place. It will also provide you with a count down to an important date, like your anniversary, or when you plan to meet. It also has different features, which will help you feel closer than you are.