Food waste is one of the biggest problems we are facing in today’s society. We grow a lot of food in surplus because we have ridiculous cosmetic standards. As a result, a lot of food waste is happening in our homes. Here are some simple tips you can use to reduce the food waste in your home.

Write A Weekly Meal Plan

By doing this, you will prepare before shopping, so you will know exactly what you want. It’s useful to learn what you like and make a meal plan that reflects your weekly needs.

Check Your Cupboards

By checking your cupboards every few weeks, you can make sure you are using up everything you have stored there. This will help you use the food you already have before it goes bad, creating less waste.

Store Your Vegetables Correctly

You should learn the correct way to store certain vegetables. This will make their shelf life longer and will reduce waste. When it comes to carrots, you want to store them in a fridge in a jar filled with water. Water will help them stay fresh and crunchy for a longer time. Potatoes should be stored in a bag in a dark place, and never near onions.

Herb Plants

When it comes to herbs, sometimes you buy too much, or you can’t buy a specific amount. You can save some money and prevent waste by having some pot plants in your windowsill or planting some herbs if you have a garden. If you more herbs than what you can use, you can finely chop them or blend them and put them in ice cube trays. Once you freeze them, you can use them at another time. Another option is drying excess herbs and using dried versions in later recipes.

Soft Vegetables

Vegetables get softer overtime; however, this doesn’t mean you should throw them away. You can use vegetables that aren’t that crispy anymore in a smoothie or add them to hummus.

Keep Track Of What You Have

By keeping track of what you have in your house and which items are likely to go bad soon. Check your vegetables regularly so you know if they’re going bad.

Keep Bananas And Apples Away

Bananas and apples make everything else around them ripe. By storing apples and bananas separately, you will prolong the life of other fruit you have.