When it comes to relationships, honesty, and love are not the only two things that you should consider. Love and devotion are indeed the top two things that matter the most, but other things shouldn’t be ignored in a relationship. If we talk about deal-breakers, they’re typically acts or personality traits that can be a turn off while you’re still dating.

Certain things can bother the significant other, hurt them, or make them very uncomfortable. Something that makes them reconsider the relationship can be counted as a deal-breaker as well. We compiled a list of things that can be a deal-breaker for both men and women.

#1 Dishonesty

Being dishonest about anything at all can create many continuous problems between a couple. So it’s better to be straight and honest about everything to avoid any confusion.

#2 Unemployment

Being unemployed for a while and not having any ambition in your life can be a deal-breaker. When a person doesn’t have a job, and they lack a goal of seeking it, it signals irresponsibility and laziness.

#3 Lying

Lying, at any level, is a big red flag. Lying about anything at all means that the person doesn’t want to share things with you and tends to hide a lot.

#4 Anger Issues

Getting angry sometimes can be fine; it’s a natural human emotion. But some people tend to have major anger issues, and they sometimes either lash out or end up hurting themselves or others.

#5 Future Planning

If you’re in a relationship that has been going well for a while now and you guys planning on spending your lives together, then children are something that must be discussed. If your partner avoids the topic, then it means they might be unsure about their future with you. If you don’t see eye to eye on this topic, it’s essential to re-evaluate your relationship. Kids aren’t something you can compromise on.

#6 Interest in Your Life

This is one of the most prominent deal-breakers. If your partner does not take part in your life activities or takes an interest in your life in general, then they might not be interested in the relationship overall. You don’t need the same activities all the time, but your partner should show you some interest and curiosity.

If you notice that your significant other is doing any of this, then either talk to them about it or reconsider your decisions. Or, if you are the one doing any of the above, ask why you’re doing it and whether this relationship is right for you.