Men give flowers on Valentine’s Day. That’s what they do.

Statistics can be quite romantic. Some 61 percent of American men over the age of 18 will give flowers on this holiday. Teleflora ranks the most popular choices as roses, carnations, lilies, alstroemeria and tulips. A flower growers association adds gerbera daisies, hydrangea, orchids, fragrant flowers such as gardenias, freesia and hyacinths and callas.

You can help your guy by hinting at your preferences. It is literally a jungle out there, and he could get lost without some guidance.

Rebecca Cole, author of Flower Power, says look to the state of your relationship for clues on what flowers to give. If your romance is new, hot and heavy, your man can show his interest with reds, oranges, hots pinks, and golds. If your partnership has deepened into a lasting one, he should remember your favorites, dating and wedding flowers. If the emphasis is friend rather than lover, he might want to keep the V Day message light. A bright, bold palette conveys fun and whimsy. The natural, just-picked feel of a garden-style arrangement says casual.

No surprise to anyone, CNN has reported that an overwhelming 51 percent of buyers select red roses for Valentine’s Day. Heavenly aroma, romance, passion and beauty are all associated with red roses. If roses are your favorite but you are looking for something new and exciting, your man has many available options. Roses come in more than 150 varieties, and his florist can offer some creative and trendy shades: orange roses; peach roses; pastel roses; and lavender roses.

A dozen red ranunculus or a dozen red anemones could be a surprising and romantic alternative to pricey roses. These winter flowers are in season now and less costly. Another budget choice that always say romance would be a single flower. Wrapped in black tissue with a velvet ribbon, one rose or one ranunculus would make a terrific impression. Presentation counts. A dozen red roses from the grocery store becomes more special when he ditches the standard plastic wrap.

The LA Times, Gardinista and Harper’s Bazaar give a thumbs-up to online delivery service TheBouqsCo. Gardinista says they offer the best $50 Valentine’s roses you can order online. TheBouqs will ship to all 50 states and offer a Valentine’s collection of 40 different bouquets for a flat fee of $40.

Both the palettes and the prices are pretty at BloomThat, which delivers nationwide. Prices range from $30 to $80 for bundles of our favorite tulips, lilies and roses as well as other farm-fresh blossoms.

Harper’s Bazaar gives a shout out to Teleflora among last-minute 1-800 flower services for delivering the prettiest affordable arrangements. Teleflora offers same-day or next-day delivery and includes a vase with the arrangement.

The Society of American Florists provides the National Florist Directory to help your man find a local florist. He can use the directory to choose from among literally thousands of member florists across the country.

Remind your guy before he picks up the phone to call a florist that Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday.