I think we can all agree one of the most stressful parts of a vacation is the packing and getting there. The stress can quickly get out of hand if you’re anxious about whether the things you’re packing will get taken away. Good news for all the self-satisfied ladies out there! According to the TSA website, yes, you can take your naughty goods and enjoy yourself at your destination. But you might want to make a few adjustments when deciding what to pack.

Things are likely to arouse (hah, get it?) less attention when they’re smaller. So, you might want to skip packing that wand and choose a smaller toy instead. Not only does it save you space in your bag, but a TSA agent is less likely to wonder what the tool is. Also, make sure to take out batteries! Once again, you’ll be less likely to peak their attention, and you’ll also skip an embarrassing scenario if your toy goes off mid-flight. Although, if you’re single, that might be a great way to strike up a convo with a hottie next to you. Unless that’s not a hottie but a nun. Just take out the batteries.

Also, make sure to put your toy in a plastic bag. If you do get stopped for a random search, you don’t want someone handling your private toys and exposing them to the germs in the airport. Protect your self and protect them from an embarrassing day on top of it.

You’re all good to go! Enjoy your travels and your destination!😉