Which Famous Movie Couple Are You?

Ever wonder what kind of love you’re in? These famous movie couples run the gamut from passionate lovers who’ll never let go to flirtatious players who might as well be allergic to love. Check out their love styles to help you discover your own.

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1Jack and Rose (Titanic) – Passionate

Thanks to “Titanic,” an entire generation believes that passionate love feels like flying on the bow of a cruise ship, serenaded by Celine Dion. Fated from the start, Jack and Rose take the king-of-the-world, never-let-go approach to falling in love. He sketches her naked, they escape her evil fiancé, she leaves him shaking after, well, you’ve seen it. And as Jack’s face disappears in the water, you find me one girl who’s not crying.

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2Jesse and Celine (Before Sunrise) – Passionate

There’s nothing more passion-inducing than romance on a deadline. After meeting on a train, Jesse and Celine have until sunrise before they’ll have to part ways—plenty of time, it turns out, for them to fall head over heels. Both drop everything to talk all night and vow to meet up again, but you’ll have to watch Before Sunset to find out if they make it work.

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3Emma and Adam (No Strings Attached) – Flirtatious

Emma isn’t the affectionate type and describes her feelings about dating as an “emotional peanut allergy.” When she starts sleeping with her friend Adam, they decide to be “sex friends” with around-the-clock booty call texts and strict anti-snuggling ground rules. She loves the game until Adam starts to want more and she’s forced to decide if he’s worth the risk of winding up with a broken heart.

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4Jacob and many, many women (Crazy, Stupid, Love) – Flirtatious

Jacob is “that guy” in the LA nightclub scene—the incredibly cute, well-dressed smooth-talker capable of convincing any girl to come home with him. He has the game down to an art, complete with pick-up lines and Dirty Dancing reenactments that he actually manages to pull off. But all bets are off when the lovely Emma Stone singles him out at the bar.

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5Robbie and Julia (The Wedding Singer) – Affectionate

Both engaged when they first meet, Robbie and Julia start out as friends. When Robbie’s fiance leaves him at the altar, Julia cheers him up by asking for his help with her wedding. So begins an uber-cute montage of them picking out flowers, tasting cakes, and naturally, falling in love. And just as Julia is flying off to marry a cheater, Robbie woos her over an airplane loudspeaker with music to her ears: I want to grow old with you.

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6Harry and Sally (When Harry Met Sally) – Affectionate

Possibly the cutest couple ever to grace the silver screen, Harry and Sally are friends for years before they finally realize they’ve been falling in love all along. They love spending time together (eventually), help each other through breakups and bad dates, and are best friends before anything else. Their quiet affection makes Harry’s you’re-the-one speech that much sweeter.

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7Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) – Rational

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are the bickering lovers who refuse to realize they’re a match. At each other’s throats from the start, Mr. Darcy worries that the less erudite Bennet clan will reflect badly on his ritzier family. Elizabeth, strong-willed and outspoken, wants none of his seemingly heartless snobbery, but both finally come around to the impracticality of love.

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8Kat and Patrick (10 Things I Hate About You) – Rational

Ill-tempered Kat Stratford has sworn off dating the “unwashed miscreants” at her school, but when Kat has to date before her popular sister can, the boys of Padua High make it their mission to set her up. Adorable bad boy, Patrick Verona, who supposedly sold his liver on the black market, takes on the challenge to tame the shrew—for a price.

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But he’s not at all what Kat had in mind (she’d rather die before dating a smoker) and it takes a lot of convincing (including a memorable rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”) before she realizes that her heart loves what her eyes despise.


9Dan and Alex (Fatal Attraction) – Jealous

When Dan, a married man, decided to have a weekend affair with Alex, someone should have warned him that he was playing with fire. Jealous and possessive, Alex becomes obsessed with Dan and refuses to end the affair. The emotional blackmail and stalking that ensue make this thriller a far cry from a romantic comedy.

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10Maria Elena and Juan (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) – Jealous

Maria Elena singlehandedly gives Spaniards a reputation for volatile love affairs. Appearing out of the blue one day while her ex-husband Juan is “entertaining” Cristina, an American traveling abroad, the tortured artist has an instant hold over Juan. Whether she’s suggesting a threesome, waving a gun or fighting in the street, it can be hard to tell if she’s screaming in pleasure or pain, or both.

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11Aragorn and Arwen (LOTR) – Selfless

Aragorn and Arwen’s 2,680-year age difference is only a minor hurdle for this star-crossed elf and mortal. Aragorn risks his life to become king of Arnor and Gondor (the condition for marrying Arwen), and against her father’s will, Arwen makes the ultimate sacrifice for Aragorn, giving up immortality to live and die with him.

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12Buttercup and Westley (The Princess Bride) – Selfless

Enamored with Buttercup from the start, Westley will do anything as she wishes. They vow to marry, but soon after, he’s captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts. Though Buttercup believes him dead, Westley never gives up on finding his way back to her. He drinks poison, fights a giant, suffers the Chamber of Torture, and comes back from the brink of death (thanks to the power of true love) without losing his resolve to win Buttercup back from the prince.

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