Water. It’s the one drink that’s free, it’s everywhere, and yet, we’re not getting enough of it. At the end of the day, however, its water that’s keeping us all alive but…are you getting enough? If you’re drinking coffee all day at work followed by a few glasses of wine at happy hour, you may be putting yourself in danger for dehydration—one of the biggest beauty busters out there!MORE: The Dirty Truth About WaterWater is the largest component of the body and at birth; in fact, our entire being is about 85 percent water. Water is essential for nutrient digestion and absorption as well as electrolyte balance and proper cell function.  To give you further perspective, you can actually live longer without food than you can without water. Obviously, we need water to survive, but have you ever considered the beauty benefits of water?  If you’ve ever said on a cold winter day, “my skin is just thirty for moisture,” then you do! Simply put, a hydrated body means hydrated, healthy glowing skin. Dehydration for skin can be a disaster—it can cause your skin to be dry, dull and lifeless. Hydrated skin has life, moisture and vitality.How much water should you be chugging? While most of us think the rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day, it really will vary on a few different factors including:

  • Living in a higher altitude
  • Air travel
  • Fever
  • Working out in hot and very humid weather
  • Working outside for your job (construction, landscaping, etc) in hot or humid weather
  • Age – infants and older people are more prone to dehydration
  • Participating in Endurance athletic events

MORE: How Much Water Do You Really Need?If none of these factors describes you, then nine to 13 cups a day should be sufficient. Don’t forget, there are also plenty of healthy foods that pack water in as well. Lettuce, cucumber, watermelon, broccoli, cabbage and spinach happen to be over 90 percent water. These foods also provide you big beauty benefits as well due to their high vitamin and mineral content.How can you get more water in without even thinking? Start carrying around a water bottle with you everywhere you go for starters and in addition to that, slowly start ditching your cola (or diet cola) habit at home, work and when dining out. Move beyond the lemons and limes and start jazzing up your water with fresh cucumbers, strawberries, orange segments or mint. Most importantly though, start taking a peek behind you when you go to the bathroom. Your urine should be pale yellow color; if it’s the color of a banana, fill up that water bottle and for the sake of great health and great skin, start sipping!