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Drop That Water Weight

On any given day, you could be carrying 2 to 5 pounds of extra water weight. The likely culprit? Too much salt in your diet, such...

Is Hot Weather a Culprit in Slowing Metabolism?

Does hot summer weather make an impact on our need for calories or our metabolism? Our bodies slow down metabolism a little to avoid...
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14 Brands of Bottled Water Recalled Due to E. Coli Contamination

E. Coli is running rampant in our water bottles right now. Well, not exactly running rampant since less than 3% of the water produced...
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You’ve Never Seen a Water Bottle Like This Before

When you think of the things you can't live without, your cell phone and chocolate may come to mind, but there's one thing you...

7 Celebs Who Got Great Skin Just By Drinking Water

Celebrities love to claim that anyone can get glowing Hollywood skin by drinking lots of water. We always knew water is amazing for your skin...

Man Suffers Kidney Failure After Too Much Iced Tea

Doctors couldn't determine why one man's kidneys were failing until they heard about his iced tea habit.

Bill Gates Drank Water Made From Poop – Yes, Poop

Gates wanted to prove a sewage treatment machine really works.

This Soap Company Also Helps Fund Clean Water Projects

LifeSoap is subscription skincare that also does good.

Drink and Dazzle

Water intake has a huge impact on health and beauty.

No Filter: The Dirty Truth About Water

Navigate the murky waters of filtered versus tap.