E. Coli is running rampant in our water bottles right now. Well, not exactly running rampant since less than 3% of the water produced by the bottling company in question, Niagara Bottling, is being recalled, but still … gross.

Niagara Bottling is voluntarily recalling 14 brands of water produced at its Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities between June 10 and June 18 after one of their sources was contaminated with E. Coli, USA Today reports.

Stan Bratskeir, a Niagara spokesperson, claimed that most of the bottled water being recalled had not even made it to store shelves yet, and that “the overwhelming likelihood is that all the bottled water is fine.” Additionally, a press release put out on Monday stated that there have been no traces of E. Coli found in their finished products, only in one of their spring sources. Although it had been detected in one of their sources, the bottling company uses a two-step disinfection technology to ensure that their final products are free from any harmful bacteria. Nonetheless, Niagara shut down all operating systems that were vulnerable to the original contamination due to an abundance of caution (phew!).