When you think of the things you can’t live without, your cell phone and chocolate may come to mind, but there’s one thing you truly can’t live without: water.

Our bodies depend on water to function — from regulating body temperature to flushing out waste — but even just being mildly dehydrated can cause problems, such as headaches and constipation. As if that weren’t enough, research shows being dehydrated can even put you in a bad mood.

Chances are, you aren’t drinking enough H2O. So to help encourage people to drink more water, a company called Hidrate created HidrateMe, a new high-tech water bottle that actually tracks your agua intake and tells you when you need more. The smart water bottle does that by connecting to your phone via the free Hidrate app, which takes into account your sex, age, weight, and height to assess your personal hydration needs. The app syncs with wearable fitness trackers (such as Jawbone and Fitbit) so it can adjust your water goals based on your activity levels, whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or taking a leisurely stroll. It even factors in the weather at your current location — namely, temperature, humidity and elevation, which all affect hydration levels.

HidrateMe also reminds you when it’s time to drink more water before you get parched. The bottle has LED lights that glow when you’re due for a sip, or you can set the app to remind you via your cell phone. Plus, the 24-ounce, beautifully-designed bottle is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and comes in several colors.

Want to pick up one for yourself? Head to Hidrate’s Kickstarter campaign while you can and donate $39 for a smart water bottle of your own.