Most of us take it for granted that we have such easy access to clean, safe drinking water every day. But a staggering 780 million people around the world do not, which puts their health at risk, according to the nonprofit aid organization In fact, fecal contamination of drinking water is a leading cause of the 4,000 daily deaths from diarrhea among children under the age of five, UNICEF reports.So two young entrepreneurs who graduated from Colorado State University’s College of Business decided to do something about it. They founded LifeSoap, a subscription skincare delivery service that gives 10 percent of each purchase to clean water projects for schoolchildren in developing countries by partnering with organizations such as H2O for Life and El Porvenir.“We wanted to find a way to use our business backgrounds for good,” said LifeSoap co-founder Juwon Melvin. “We wanted to provide a platform for people across the country to make a difference through purchasing the bath and body products they use daily. We wanted to connect our awesome customers with the schoolchildren and communities they help impact around the world.”Lifesoap has helped fund seven clean water projects in Nicaragua so far, benefitting six schools and 1,200 students. “As we grow, we look forward to funding additional projects in Central America and Africa,” said Melvin.The LifeSoap line includes four natural and organic soaps (citrus lavender, calendula mint, lavender, and shea honey oat), as well as two body lotions and two body washes (lavender and citrus lavender) and costs $13 to $20 per month. The company is currently offering a free 30-day trial — what could be better than that?Related Articles: 9 Gifts That Give Back