7 Celebs Who Got Great Skin Just By Drinking Water

These celebs are beautiful thanks to water, and only water.

Celebrities love to claim that anyone can get glowing Hollywood skin by drinking lots of water. We always knew water is amazing for your skin — the body’s largest organ, after all — but somehow we’ve never gotten quite the same effortless results from H2O as Eva Longoria has. Maybe she has access to some kind of fancy rich people water that us normals, or the California drought, don’t know about. Still, we are mystified and intrigued.

After the jump, meet following beautiful celebs who are beautiful thanks to water (according to them):

1Gabrielle Union

“I’ve been known to drink out of the hose in the backyard before! But in restaurants, when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll ask for lemon.”
Gabrielle Union, People

2Miranda Kerr

“I have alkaline water filters in my kitchen sink and on my shower heads, so it’s purified and alkaline. I learned about the benefits of alkaline in your body from studying nutrition.”
Miranda Kerr, Into the Gloss

3Winona Ryder

“And you know those giant Big Gulps cups that most people fill with soda? She’s got hers filled with water.”
Winona Ryder’s make-up artist, People

4Elle MacPherson

“If you ask my kids ‘What’s the one thing Mom’s taught you?’ [The answer is] ‘Drink water.’”
Elle MacPherson, YouBeauty

5Jennifer Aniston

“I always try to sleep for at least eight hours a night and, of course, water, water, water! I drink 100 ounces of Smartwater every day. But occasionally I just have to have a Diet Coke—there’s nothing like it!” 
Jennifer Aniston, Shape

6Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

“Water is really good for you. Water can be fun.”
Eva Longoria, People

7Lindsay Lohan

“Water is so boring.” 
Lindsay Lohan, Into the Gloss

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