November-December are undoubtedly the best months of the year. It’s the holiday season, and everyone’s lives are filled with a loving family, baked goods, and time off from school/work. While the holiday season is a cheerful one, it can also be challenging to be single during this time. You’re going to be around your family more than ever, meaning you’re going to be bombarded with questions why you’re still single by your cousin and her boyfriend, who have been together for five years. Yikes.

But- there are many ways to not only deal with being single during the holidays but to enjoy it. The holiday season should be a happy time, regardless of if you have a significant other to share it with.

You can treat yourself

Okay, the holidays are a time for giving and treating others. And you can still do that! But when you’re single, you have way more time to treat yourself to the things you absolutely deserve this holiday season. A year of hard work deserves a reward, and being single means you have more time (and money) to treat yourself.

You can go on holiday dates

As many people tend to feel lonely during the winter and holiday months, it’s the perfect time to take charge of your dating app life and go on as many holiday dates as you want. It might just be a fun experience, or you might end up finding someone you actually like.

You can spend more time with family

When you’re single, you don’t have to split up your time between you and your partner’s family. You can spend as much time with your family as you want and be able to enjoy the holiday season with them. Plus, you get to avoid those awkward introductions when your significant other meets your family for the first time.

You can celebrate however you want

One of the best parts about being single anytime during the year is being able to do absolutely whatever you want. That is especially true during the holidays as your decisions are entirely up to your own. Throw an ugly Christmas sweater party, and no one can tell you otherwise!

You can hang out with your friends

You can do all the same holiday activities with your friends that you do with a significant other. Watching Christmas movies while drinking hot cocoa is just as much fun when you do it with your best friends. You can even plan a trip with your friends to get away during the holiday break.

You can save money

The holidays are a cheerful, yet expensive, couple of months. Between gifts for friends and family, holiday parties, and activities, it’s easy to empty your bank account without even realizing it. But think about how much money you’ll save being single during the holidays- there are no gifts to buy or expensive dates to go on.

You can learn to love spending time alone

Learning to enjoy being alone is a long and arduous journey. And although the holiday season can be a lonely one, it’s also a great time to reflect on yourself. With having extra time off during the winter, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with yourself, pursue your passions, and learn to love spending time alone.