As we grow older, staying in touch with friends and maintaining friendships can be challenging, especially as we all have our own lives and individual journeys. You may find that some of your friends have settled down and had children before you, and you may have moved across the country to a brand new city. Whatever yours and your friend’s circumstance, there are ways of maintaining your friendships when you’re in different stages of life.

Regularly Catch Up 

We all get that life can be busy, and if you and your friends all have different priorities, it’s hard to balance your busy schedules and find the time to keep in touch. The best way to continue communication is to speak via text where possible and try to schedule a phone or video call at least once a month if you don’t have the time for a face to face visit. This way, you know that no matter how busy you all are, that you are always at the other end of the phone, especially in times of need.

Understand Your Differences 

It’s normal to go through life stages at different times, as everyone’s life and the journey are unique and individual to you. The key to maintaining your friendships when you’re on different paths is to understand these differences and try to consider the other person’s life, no matter how different it might be to your own. For example, if your friend has a baby and you have little commitments, try to understand that their schedule will be the complete opposite of yours, and they will probably find it difficult to find as much time to catch up or go out.

Remember Why Youre Friends 

Above all else, remembering why you’re friends with this person/group of people is something you should always remember when life gets in the way. There’s nothing more precious than true friendships, so trying your best to maintain these whether it’s long-distance, or you’re just at different stages in life is worthwhile.