If you’re single this summer, dating apps might be your best friend. They’re easy, commitment-free, and a fun way to pass the time (or a way to meet someone exceptional!). An essential part of using a dating app is having the right profile. You want to look approachable and fun to potential partners, so it’s important to choose the right photos and use the proper bio. If you’re a part of the dating app world this summer, we have some advice coming your way on how to set up the perfect dating profile.

1Choose your favorite photos

It’s important to showcase yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, so choose the images you like the most. If your friend keeps telling you to upload that photo you hate, don’t listen to her. Choose whatever you’re most comfortable with- you’re the going on the dates, not her!

2Avoid cliches

When it comes to your bio, sometimes you’re better off choosing something short and sweet. Go too in detail, and you’ll lose the attention of potential matches. Also, avoid writing anything too cliche- we’ve all seen it before!

3Be honest

In a world full of catfishing, it’s essential to be honest on your dating profile. You don’t want to make yourself out to be someone you’re not, just like you don’t want to meet up with a guy who says he’s 6 foot only for him to be 5’2. Be true to yourself, and people will love it!

4Look at other profiles

If you lack inspiration, check out some other people’s profiles! It’s a great way to gauge what type of photos you should be posting and what kind of bios you should have. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

5Update your profile

If you forget about your page and weeks or months go by, you’re profile might get hidden. It’s important to check back regularly, so your profile stays active and you see what’s new.

6Have Fun

Dating apps are supposed to be a fun way to date! You don’t actually know the people you’re matching with, so there’s no reason to be shy or embarrassed about someone. Dating apps are a fantastic way to get to know someone before actually meeting them, so those initial first date jitters don’t feel so bad. Have fun and play around with it and you’ll have no regrets.

7Most importantly, BE YOURSELF!

When it comes down to it, dating apps are about being true to yourself and what you believe in. Don’t pretend to be someone who you’re not just because you think that’s what gets the most attention on dating apps. Everyone is different, and there is someone out there for every one of us! No matter what happens, don’t lose sight of what’s important and that’s sticking true to who you are!