Getting ready for a steamy date night? “You” on Netflix doesn’t compare to some truly classic, sexy Hollywood flicks. The best part about this kind of movie night? You don’t have to sacrifice beautiful storylines and high production value for those sexy scenes. While sex scenes tend to be subjective and based on individual preferences, we can all agree that certain on-screen dynamics between actors get us hot and bothered no matter what they’re doing.

  1. The Graduate

The classic flick starring young Dustin Hoffman portrays a young man caught between longing for his older lover and her daughter.

  1. Secretary

A job turns into a game of S&M play between a secretary and her boss. The demanding lawyer ensures his assistant fulfills his every need if you know what we mean. This isn’t a blatant “Fifty Shades of Gray.” Instead, you’ll find a symbiotic relationship growing and healing both parties with their unique needs.

  1. Blue is the Warmest Color

This sweet tale of teenage lesbian romance blossoms in front of our eyes with intense exploration scenes and plenty of explicit sex scenes. Plenty of people cried out about them bordering on pornographic, but the film maintains its artistic integrity with a compelling storyline.

  1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Woody Allen knows how to spin a tale, and this one featuring the lusty play between Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johannson, and Javier Bardem gives us a ride through passionate Spanish scenery, ending in a copious love scene between the three.

  1. Mulholland Dr.

A car crash on Mullholland Drive renders one woman into an amnesiac who searches for clues amid another gorgeous Hollywood hopeful’s bedsheets. Prepare for a sexual charge in this David Lynch classic.

  1. 9½ Weeks 

This romantic drama featured some of the most explicit sex scenes when it came out in 1986. Watch Kim Basinger get acquainted with a man she barely knows through erotic play as complications start developing in their relationship.

  1. Bound

This quirky, humorous thriller about two women, one an ex-con and the other a mobster’s side piece, follows their plan to steal millions of mob money while pinning it on the mobster. The two women share plenty of tender moments while scheming.