Periods are one of the most annoying things we have to deal with as women. And although we have a period every month, every month is just as irritating as the last. In addition to that, our periods can be late, early, or not even come at all- any of which make us completely freak out. Being a woman is not easy.

One thing probably every woman has experienced before is spotting before your period. Spotting before your period can be terrifying, especially if you take to Google to find out why. Because even though spotting before your period is very common, Google probably says differently.

There are a lot of reasons why you might be spotting before your period. But if it’s something that you’re consistently experiencing, it’s time to head to a doctor.

You didn’t ovulate
This is the most common reason for spotting before your period. Even though you didn’t ovulate, your endometrial lining kept growing. But it wasn’t supported, causing bleeding.

You did ovulate
A sudden decrease in estrogen can cause ovulation, which would make you spot before your period.

Your thyroid is acting up
Your thyroid is what helps to regulate your period, so if it’s acting up, you could spot before a period.

You just had sex
It’s common for your vagina to tear during sex, which could lead to spotting.

You might have PCOS
PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, can cause unpredictable periods, which can be the cause of spotting.

You might have something more serious
Although spotting before a period is relatively common, it could also be the sign of something more serious. Infections, such as chlamydia and vaginitis, can cause spotting. If you’re spotting consistently, it could be a sign of cervical cancer. Regardless, it’s essential to go to a doctor ASAP if you are bleeding consistently.

If you find yourself bleeding before your period is supposed to come- don’t freak out! It’s common and could be because of many things, most of which are not cause for much concern. Just make sure you take the proper precautions to ensure it’s nothing more serious.