Protein bars are a staple in just about everybody’s life. Need a healthy snack on the go that’s going to hold you over until your next meal? Protein bar.

Have a sweet tooth but don’t want to eat an actual chocolate chip cookie? Grab a chocolate chip protein bar. Protein bars are easy, filling, and nutritious. Except, are they?

A lot of the protein bars we’ve grown up eating and loving are actually full of sugar and other preservatives. A lot of the protein bars we see at stores contain more sugar than they do protein. So if you’re looking for a protein bar that’s going to be filling, delicious, AND healthy, here are a few of our favorites:

GoMacro Bars
These bars are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. And they’re delicious. Some of my favorite flavors are the cashew butter and cashew caramel, which are made with sprouted brown rice protein and organic protein, so they’re whole-food based and full of protein.

RxBars are known for there minimal ingredients, and if you’ve never tried them, they live up to the hype. The bars all contain egg whites, which gives added protein in addition to the “No B.S.” of the rest of the ingredients

Epic Bars
A savory protein bar? You might have always dreamed of this, but Epic Bars hit the nail on the head. They are beef jerky without all the junk. They are made with whole foods and contains 15g of protein, making them the ideal bar for protein.

Perfect Bar
If nuts are your thing, you’re going to like Perfect Bars. They have a low glycemic index and contain 20 superfoods per bar, so they provide a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Lara Bars
Lara Bars know how to do minimal ingredients correctly. In addition to their regular bars, most of which contain no more than six ingredients, they now have bars with superfoods, greens, and protein.

No Cow Bars
No Cow Bars are exactly what they sound like, dairy-free. They are also super high in protein with 20+g of plant protein per bar and low in sugar.