During my first weeks at YouBeauty, I wrote about a vibrator, a sexumentary (that’s a sex documentary, duh), a dating app, and “Fifty Shades of Grey.” In other words, it’s been a good year, at least in terms of getting down.Here’s some of the best news in sex this year — and may it only be steamier in 2015:

  1. A hands-free vibrator to close the “pleasure gap” between men and women.
  2. Harvard students took a class on “Anal Sex 101“.
  3. Temporary “vacation breasts” will be launching in a few years.
  4. Men go to have orgies atop Indonesia’s Sex Mountain.
  5. There was a big controversy over Sweet Peach, a probiotic that makes vaginas smell like fruit.
  6. Prrofessional vibrator tester is a real job.
  7. A new HPV vaccine protects against more strains.
  8. The “Free the Nipple” campaign addressed antiquated female toplessness laws.
  9. “50 Shades of Grey” star Jamie Dornan said women who are into BDSM “may be repressed.”
  10. There are all kinds of different orgasm styles.
  11. Amy Schumer got the word “pussy” uncensored on Comedy Central.
  12. A hospital worker in the UK busted an expectant couple in the maternity ward knocking boots.
  13. Sexy snacks were a thing.
  14. Nail polish became tool against sexual assault.
  15. A court in Portugal said women don’t really need sex over 50.
  16. A baby hippo got pregnant on birth control.
  17. The UK banned scenes depicting female ejaculation (and other things) from video-on-demand porn.
  18. Celebrities had thoughts on vaginas.
  19. Someone invented a “Fitbit for your vagina.”
  20. China has a holiday called “Singles’ Day.”
  21. Christian Grey picked out a tie.
  22. A new documentary explored intersection between female sexuality and shame.
  23. Women with more male friends have more sex.