Spending a little extra time in the mirror may seem vain, but it may actually have a mega impact on your self-esteem. In a recent study conducted by Revlon and Fordham University, they found that women who started their day with a simple beauty ritual boosted their confidence and love life.

The ritual entailed these steps: looking in a mirror, spritzing with their favorite perfume, applying their makeup, indulging in their favorite candy and taking a deep breath, looking at themselves and smiling. The women did this over the course of four days and kept track of their observations in a journal. Not only did 97 percent of the women a positive change in themselves, but they also found that participants noticed an increase in their love lives as well. 85 percent noticed a positive change in the way others reacted to them, 71 percent felt an increased desire for romance, 69 percent found themselves more open-minded to love and 77 percent felt more outgoing!

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