Care For Some Coffee In Your Skincare? Here’s 9 Beauty Products Made With Java

We know coffee powers you through the day (and sometimes night!). But did you know coffee is an ingredient in beauty and skin products for similiar bright-eyed and bushy-tailed reasons?

“Coffee contains caffeine, which is an anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient for skin and may have antioxidant potential as well, to help brighten and even out skin tone,” explained New York dermatologist Doris Day, M.D., a clinical associate professor of dermatology at NYU’s Langone Medical Center. “Its unique antioxidants may also help protect and restore skin after ultraviolet sun damage,” she added.

To add some java to your beauty routine, check these new launches that use coffee in all kinds of intriguing ways!


1Classic Scrub

It doesn’t get more straight-up than this: Frank Original Coffee Scrub is made of pure roasted and ground robusta beans to target bumpy skin situations like cellulite, eczema, acne and psoriasis. A scrub that has gained a cult following in recent months, fans have peppered social media with selfie shower shots while covered in the sandy grains. “Babe, don’t eat me!” warns the package – which you’ll understand once you zip this one open and smell the insanely fresh grounds.


2Kenyan Coffee


Nyakio Kamoche Grieco was motivated by her grandmother to create a skincare line – both share the same surname, as does the brand. The elder Nyakio was known to work long days on a sustainable Kenyan coffee farm under the hot sun. In the evening, she would boil down the coffee beans and mix with honey to apply as a salve to restore her skin. Inspired by the regenerative ritual, this polish adds oils of macadamia, lemongrass, chamomile and neroli to nurture skin.


3Awakened Eyes


You’ve heard of green tea, but how about green coffee? It’s technically the term for the more valuable beans that haven’t yet been roasted – and which consequently have more chlorogenic acid, a rejuvenating antioxidant that reduces during the brewing process. The beauty brand Becca infuses green coffee oil in this eye-brightening palette of neutral shades, that vary in intensity from café au lait down to deep, dark espresso.


4French Press


Need help waking up? Perk up your next morning with this Parisian take on creamy coffee that is coupled with shea butter and exfoliating retinol palmitate to create a special treatment mask. The silky formula works to illuminate skin, make pores appear smaller and brighten under the eyes. Simply smooth the organic blend over a clean face and neck, leave it on for 15 minutes to reap the most benefits, and remove with warm water.


5Eastern Blend


Juara’s version of an invigorating coffee scrub uses ground Sumatra beans from Indonesia along with hydrating rice bran oil and walnut shell powder to slough off dead skin cells and improve firmness. A touch of chocolate (yum!) is added to the sulfate and phthalate-free formula to indulge the senses. Massage the grainy exfoliator in a gentle, circular motion on bare skin in the shower. After rinsing, no additional soap is needed.


6Eye Saver


Organic green coffee comes to the rescue in this caffeine-packed eye cream that de-puffs with anti-inflammatory ingredients while increasing circulation to improve the look of under eye circles. True to its name, this formula is entirely natural, and also features organic aloe juice, rosehip oil, coffee cherry, rosemary, thyme and vanilla absolute. Dot the cream around your eyes and then pat gently with your ring finger to blend.

7Italian Caffè


Real coffee grains and sugar granules mix together with certified organic shea butter in an antioxidant-rich scrub that’s deliciously scented with sweet Italian mocha. The super-hydrating blend features an impressive full line-up of natural oils, including evening primrose, sweet almond, avocado, safflower seed, macadamia seed and orange. And even though the inspiration hails from The Boot, this paraben-free product is made in the USA.


8Coffee Crème


 Salma Hayek’s Nuance line boasts a Dark Cacao & Coffee Firming Body Cream that claims to firm skin on the arms, thighs and butt. Chock full of coffee seed extract, cocoa seed butter, rice bran oil, the ingredients stimulate skin for a smoother appearance while the butters plump the surface with intense hydration. After 30 days of use, 88% of a 25-member panel cited a visual improvement in skin tone. We’re definitely giving this one a try!


9Turkish Coffee


If you love the scent of a hot coffee, luxury perfumer Kilian has managed to bottle a steaming cup of the rich Turkish variety. Blended with green cardamom and spices of nutmeg and cinnamon, the base is sweetened with caramelized sugar. Sounds gorgeous, doesn’t it? And at $270 a pop, this new launch makes a daily Starbucks habit look like a true deal – but admittedly, the sensual scent lasts much longer than a caffiene buzz.