Some packaged goods may list some not-so-good ingredients in a more positive light, to make you feel like you’re eating better sugars than others. The truth is that any simple sugar or carb is not your friend. It may taste good, but it’ll come with negative consequences. Simple sugars are found in juices, sodas, processed desserts, sauces, many packaged foods. They increase your blood sugar rapidly, and when blood sugar levels rise rapidly, you’re more prone to store fat, damage your arteries, and experience big swings in energy. Simple carbs are found in white-flour foods such as bread, pancakes, rice, non-100-percent whole grain pasta. These carbohydrates turn to sugar quickly in your body as they are stripped of their whole-grain components. Simple syrups, too, increase your blood sugar quickly. If you need to get that sugar rush, always opt for a heart-healthy piece of fruit instead.
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