Mostly everyone wants a firm and perky bottom. That’s why the glute muscles are one of the most focused on areas of the body during a workout. Even if you’re putting a lot of effort into that area, you still may not be getting the best results possible if you’re not activating them properly.

What does that mean? Look at your glutes like this…most of your regular leg activities such as walking and climbing stairs uses your quads, but not the glutes. The less you use them, the less results you will see. This is where the mind-butt connection comes into play. Concentrate on one butt check and see if you can squeeze it hard without squeezing the other. If you can’t, then that means that area could use some work.

It’s time to start concentrating on each butt cheek in order to activate and wake up those muscles. You don’t have to wait until a workout to do this. You can do this anytime, anywhere where you standing. If you set the intention to do this, you will engage it more.

Besides squeezing your butt cheeks and increasing your mind-butt connection, there are other exercises you can do in order to perk up that bum. One great example is to start working out the outsides of your rear. This can be achieved through some in-and-out rotational work.

Start out by lying on your side with your feet stacked.

Next, lift your top knee up and out like a diamond.

Hold it and then lower it slowly.

Do this 20 times on one side, then roll to the other side.

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